Herbiotics Rexis-D Syrup

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  • Banish cold symptoms fast with Rexis-D Syrup
  • Non-drowsy solution for comprehensive relief
  • Combined decongestant, antihistamine, and pain reliever in one dose
  • Stay clear-headed and comfortable, day or night
  • Safe, child-resistant packaging
  • Delicious flavors for a family-friendly choice
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Rexis-D Syrup: The Swift, All-in-One Cold Relief
When common cold strikes, you need a trusted ally to combat the symptoms that bring you down. Rexis-D Syrup emerges as the hero for all cold sufferers, exemplifying the ultimate synergy of medicinal science and user-oriented design.

Effective Symptom Management
With its advanced triple-action formula, Rexis-D Syrup swiftly tackles the full spectrum of cold discomforts. The decongestant clears your nasal pathways, while the antihistamine addresses sneezing and runny nose, and the built-in pain reliever eases headaches, sore throat, and fever. This comprehensive care approach sets Rexis-D Syrup apart, providing a single solution for multiple ailments.

Non-Drowsy Convenience
Forget about the grogginess that comes with typical cold medicines. Rexis-D Syrup is carefully crafted for use at any time without causing drowsiness—ideal for active adults and busy parents who can’t afford to slow down. Now you can go about your day or enjoy a restful sleep, symptom-free and sharp.

Safety Meets Preference
With its child-resistant cap, Rexis-D Syrup assures that safety is never second to relief, giving parents and caregivers peace of mind. To top it off, the availability in a variety of pleasing flavors ensures taking medicine is no longer a chore but a pleasant, palatable experience, preferred by both kids and adults alike.

Your Daily Defender
Whether facing a demanding schedule or needing a peaceful night’s rest, Rexis-D Syrup is your go-to remedy for battling the common cold. It stands as a testament to therapeutic innovation, ensuring that relief is not only swift but also safe and enjoyable. Free yourself from cold symptoms and reclaim your day with Rexis-D Syrup—the fast-acting, non-drowsy, delectably flavored cold relief.


  • 4-10 years of age: 1 Teaspoon (5mL) once daily after a meal
  • 11-16 years of age: 1 Tablespoon (10mL) once daily after a meal

2 reviews for Herbiotics Rexis-D Syrup

  1. mujeeb

    fast delivery

  2. moona

    highly recommend

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Herbiotics Rexis-D SyrupHerbiotics Rexis-D Syrup
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